FIFA 11 keyboard configuration

EA SPORTS has released completely different version of FIFA as its gameplay adapted from Xbox console. The problem is, certain people not playing FIFA on the Xbox before. Hence, they will find difficulty to play the FIFA 11 on the PC.

I take this opportunity to release a tutorial how to configure the keyboard to play this game smoothly and hassle free.

Before you can setting the keyboard configuration, you must locate and open the fifaconfig.exe, then click Game Setting, switch to  In-Game Keyboard.

I will describe those buttons configuration below:
A = S (passing)
B = D (shooting and tackling)
Y = W (through ball)
X = A (lob passing and slide tackling)
LB = Q (switching player)
RB = Z (dummy move)
LT = C (pace control)
RT = E (sprint)
L = up,down,right, left arrow (player movement)
R = (player skills movement)

I want to remind you that this is my notebook keyboard setting, if you are using a gaming keyboard, you can change player skill movement  (R button) according to your desire. For your information, notebook keyboard cannot accept many inputs at one time. This mean, you cannot push many keyboard buttons at a one time to operate the skill movement. Hence I suggest to you to use a portable keyboard if you’re playing FIFA11 using your notebook.

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