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Good news to all of you,  admin of Zetta Tips is willing to help people who have problems in their programming with an affordable price. Currently, the admin accepts Java, C++ and C languages. Of course, you can find the way to solve the problem in any programming forums, but waiting for them to answer your question is a pain.  What about if your lecturer/teacher gives you only few days to complete it? To settle down your difficulties, you can browse through the package below:





RM 3 / 1 U.S dollar

1 days

programming + Pseudocode/flowchart

RM 5 / 3

U.S dollars

2 days

programming + pseudocode/flowchart + documentation

(easier for you to study the code)

RM 10 / 5 U.S Dollars

2 days


RM 30 / 10

U.S dollars

5 days

Project + pseudocode/flowchart

RM 40 / 13

U.S dollars

7 days

Project + pseudocode/flowchart + documentation

(easier for you to study the code)

RM 50 / 16

U.S dollars


To hire the admin to solve your programming questions, you can reach him at:

Method of payments are :

  • Bank in / cimbclicks / maybank2u for Malaysian
  • Paypal


Declaration :

  1. Admin will evaluate the question first, before accepting the work.
  2. The durations depend on the questions. Of course it will be early than that and not exceed what he has stated.
  3. The price is negotiable depend on the question.

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