Install New Players FACES in FIFA 10 Game

Hello Everybody, today I will expose to you, how to update player faces in the FIFA 10 game. It’s quite fun and interesting to generate their faces; it’s also making the games very realistic. This tutorial only for the PC games platform.
First of all, you must download the FIFA 10 backup utilities here. After completing the installation, view its readme file.
The next thing you must do is you must download FIFA Creation Master here.

How to use FIFA Creation Master

I will provide you a video tutorial here to make it clear and easy to understand. First of all, you must open your FIFA CREATION MASTER icon on the desktop.

Then follow all the TUTORIAL in the video that I’ve provided.

  1. To insert player face you must click the ‘show’ button first.
  2. Then Click ‘import 3D model’
  3. For the hair files: you must click ‘import Tga’
  4. The first file name for the head is cm_XXXX.Tga
  5. The second file name the head is cmbhair_XXXX.Tga
  6. For the face image, you must click ‘import from  fsh’.
  7. Finally, click TOOLS then ‘regenerate FAT and BH’

To preview your new player face, go to EDIT Player in the FIFA 10 game. If you are experiencing some problem you may contact me at or just post me a comment. I will help you.

Last but not least, I will give you many new players face files later. Hence don’t forget to check out and follow my blog to receive these update.

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