NFL celebrity quits Pokemon Go, worries about mind control

For a few, playing Pokemon Go is a joy.

It encourages us to get out into the world and even commune with a large number of your fellow humans. For the Detroit Lions guard Larry Warford, however, Pokemon Go has darker motives.

As the Detroit Free Press reviews, he's stopped taking part in it because he's worried about its true results. According to Watford, he had been walking down Mill Avenue in Tempe, Ariz., just about on [Az State's] campus, he saw eventually everyone was walking down the same road and playing Pokemon Go. It was about 30, 40 people.

Well, yes. But what problem could there be with so many enthralled humans wafting around searching for monsters that can make them happy? Warford assumed this could be a mental problem.

He said, "It was a good deal of people playing the game," and, 'I can't stand this! I deleted it because this is some mind-control stuff.'

He contacted Pokemon Go's manufacturer, Niantic Labs, to ask whether there have been any mind control guidelines to the overall game, Niantic didn't immediately respond. He stressed to Free Press that, something's not right.

The game is brilliant. However, people must take extra precaution while enjoying it as many incidents involving Pokemon Go's players already reported.

Original Article: [CNET]

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