DriveMark App Review

DriveMark is getting a spotlight last few years. Please allow us to elaborate more about Drive Mark.


DriveMark is a mobile telematics and vehicle tracking system developed by Team KATSANA. Team KATSANA makes enterprise operations more efficient by connecting legacy sensors to the cloud. It makes data available in real-time to enable enterprise operations to create impactful and data-driven decisions.

Thus, from the statement above, we can conclude that Team KATSANA is focusing on enterprise instead of regular users.

Hence, DriveMark is a revolutionary app for Malaysian drivers. It tracks your behaviour while driving and score the trip using their proprietary algorithm. It trains you to become a safer and better driver by detecting risky driving patterns, such as harsh acceleration, sudden braking, and sharp cornering.


There are several benefits you may enjoy while driving with DriveMark:

  1. Being a good driver on DriveMark means being able to get discounts on insurance premiums.
  2. DriveMark also rewards users with RM10,000 in personal accident coverage for each month they drive safely. Do well for this month, and you receive a month’s coverage in the following month.


DriveMark also actively organised a few campaigns in 2019. There are three events we managed to join.

  1. Chinese New Year #DriveSaferLah 
  2. #DriveSaferLah Raya Challenge
  3. #ShareStreaklah

Below were the prizes which we managed to get during Raya Challenge and ShareStreaklah:

How does it work?

  1. You need to download it at the app store or play store
    1. App store
    2. Play store
  2. Register an account. 
  3. DriveMark will run automatically in the background. You need to turn on your phone GPS. 
  4. The app will be dormant if you are not driving. It will become active and use the battery when you are on the move.
Last but not least, please proceed to download the app now and drive safely with DriveMark!

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