Online Learning during COVID-19 Outbreak

Movement Control Order (MCO) or Restricted Movement Order (RMO) prohibited us to live our normal daily life. No wandering around without crucial reasons and no mass gathering is allowed. We require to work from home. Schools and universities are practising online learning.

The situation actually allows us to recover what we missed before. For examples, we have ample time to be with our family and replaced our commuting time with beneficial activities. Besides, in our opinion, the Earth also is slowly healing. No air pollution due to fewer vehicles on busy roads and some factories also cut their operational hours.

We extracted some useful online learning platforms which offer their courses for free during these unprecedented times. LinkedIn Learning offers its remote working path for free. It will educate employees on how to utilise their time effectively while working from home.

Meanwhile, PluralSight is offering its entire courses for free in April 2020. If you are familiar with Udemy, then you are good to go with PluralSight.

Universities and school students are now learning from home instead of a fixed schedule and in a classroom setting. It requires strong discipline and close monitoring from parents and guardians to ensure that they are enrolling in online learning slots organised by teachers and lecturers. However, it may be a great challenge for less fortunate families. The infrastructure is not ready for them to participate in digital learning. They may require some attention from Governments and also from communities.

You can refer below links to start learning immediately. Please don't hesitate to improve yourself. We only have free time during this period before we go back to our daily rush hours.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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