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Are you missing Google Reader? It was a very bad new for the avid fan of it. However, don’t be sad, we would like to introduce to you the alternative for it, called Feedspot. Fist of all, on behalf of Zetta Tips, we would like to thanks to Feedpsot because invited us to discover the powerful web reader.


You can sign up an account for free. For now, it supports three languages, which are English, Japanese and Chinese. You can import your earlier subscriptions (previously recited in Google Reader- you must already export it) after completing the sign up process. Thus, you don’t have to worry to redo the painful process of subscribing from your past favorite sites once again. Besides, you also can type the URL manually for the subscribing process. Furthermore, you can follow the suggested websites recommended by Feedspot.



The outstanding abilities of Feedspot are; you can organize your feeds by newest update only or show all the feeds. Moreover, you can also view the feed with the expanded view or list view. These features will give you total freedom to control the feeds.


It is also integrated with social activity. You can as well invite your friend to join Feedspot. It is good to introduce the awesome reader to them. When you are successfully inviting your friends to join Feedspot, you can track their activities on Friends Activity tab.


If you are using a chrome browser, you can install the Feedspot Unread notifier extension. It will inform you whenever new feeds come out.  


So far, this is what we have discovered. You can view the Feedspot by using your mobile also. However, it does not have the official app for the android or ios yet. We hope you enjoy reading the feeds on the Feedspot as much as we do. Don’t forget to subscribe to us by entering this URL on the Feedspot - https://feeds2.feedburner.com/wtmlife

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