Secure your privacy in cloud storage by using boxcryptor

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Recently, many people concerned about the NSA surveillance program. The worst part is they can access your data in certain cloud storage without any limitations. The solutions for this problem are; you should filter the files in your cloud storage by removing the sensitive files and keep it in traditional ways or encrypt it. Thus, no one can access it. 

We would like to introduce to you the Boxcryptor. It protects your files in the cloud no matter you use Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, SugarSync, and can easily encrypt files in your Boxcryptor Drive and store them in your cloud provider’s folder (e.g your Dropbox, Google Drive folders). To protect your files, Boxcryptor uses the AES-256 and RSA encryption algorithms.

You also can access the files on the go because it is available to all platforms and OSes.

It comes with a free, unlimited personal and unlimited business account. You can view it on their website about the pricing plan. The good news is, if you are students, you are entitled to receive 25% discount for unlimited personal, which enable you to add unlimited cloud providers and unlimited devices. What are you waiting for, protect your privacy now!!!

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