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Freedom is an app that lets you block distracting sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a few minutes, hours, or days. Freedom also works as a clickbait blocker that hides disturbing and misleading “Around the Web” links at the bottom of news articles.

To block these annoying links, just install Freedom, open your dashboard, select “Add a blocklist,” and enter these domains:


Save the list, then click “Add a session” and block these sites as long as you want. You couldn’t access the site until the timer goes off.


Freedom supported iOS, Mac, or Windows devices. (Freedom doesn’t support Android. However, subscribers will get a free premium access to Offtime for desktop and Android.)


There is also an extension for Google Chrome. Add-ons for Safari and Firefox are still in development state. There is no official news yet when they will release it.


Below are the pricing list for freedom. There are two coupon codes available so far. You may purchase it and get 40% off. Enter 145 or JULY40 at the payment screen.



Increase your productivity by eliminating social and useless “Around the web” articles via FREEDOM. Hurry up! Download and try it for free before purchasing it.

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