Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo emails migration

Previously we have written about ProtonMail and Tutanota - the open source, free and secure emails. Now, we will guide you on how to make your ProtonMail or Tutanota as your main email account. 
We will share our experience on how we managed to migrate emails from Gmail, Outlook (previously known as Hotmail / Live), Yahoo email accounts. 

1) Auto Reply and Email Forwarding

This step is essential to inform your friends or colleagues that you are no longer used the email account. Auto reply will let them know that you have switched to a secure email account. You can set auto reply to inform others such as: 

"Hi there!

This is my legacy email address. Please contact me at: / 


Last but not least, you must configure auto email forwarding to forward any incoming email to your new email address. You can follow below guide on how to configure email forwarding:

2) Change your Finance Billing Email

If you use your Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo email to receive invoices, phone bills and credit card bills, then you need to change it manually on your profile details for respective biller. This is a manual step which you need to perform in order to break free from your past email account.  

3) Unsubscribe, then Resubscribe

Clean up process is a must in your old email address. I suggest you can use few applications to speed up the process- Edison Mail (ios/android), Chuck (ios), Mailstrom and Unsubscriber by Polymail

Edison Mail allows you to unsubscribe for any newsletter. Currently, this is our favourite email client in our mobile devices. We will review it on our future entry. 

Please note that, by selecting emails to unsubscribe, you can also delete junk emails in your inbox. Thus, it will help you to filter important newsletter only. Then, you can resubscribe again the shortlisted newsletter with your new secure email address. Hence, you don't  need to visit your old email account again.   

4) Delete Useless Emails

Deleting email in your previous mailbox is very crucial. It will help you to declutter your old email  inbox. It will help you to search for past emails which contain private and confidential information faster. Hence, you can forward those emails to your ProtonMail or Tutanota swiftly.     

5) Monitoring

During this period, you need to monitor incoming emails in your Google/Outlook/Yahoo inbox aggressively. If you notice that some useful newsletters which you missed to unsubscribing and resubscribing, you can do it during this moment. Once you satisfy with the migration process, you can proceed to close your previous email addresses forever!

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