5 Ways to start blogging

Writing a blog is very juicy for the probloggers. However, people who just want  to dive into blogging world, they might find it’s tasteless. They have their own reasons to make them turn away and say goodbye to the blogging world.


The first reason is, they have no guideline to start writing a good entry, this is because they are just writing a blog for fun. When they have no passion, probably they will abandon their blog.

The second reason is, they have been choosing wrong blog platforms. Why we say that? Blog platforms very important to inspire you to write a good blog and attract traffic to your blog. Nowadays, many advertisers seek blogs which have higher traffic to promote their companies and product.

Last but not least, newbie bloggers don’t have the objective why they are writing a blog. In this case, they need to aim at least one category to write about. For example, amateur blogger tends to write about their personal life. This is good, but when they mix with something else, their blog will have many categories and the readers may confuse. Hence, the visitors will lose interest and cause their blog traffic went down drastically.

How to fix this?

The answer is simple. You need to find a good blog platform. This is a top priority before you can set up a blog and hack your mind to write a good entry. We will list down 5 blog platforms you can choose.



image Blogger hosted by google. This blog platform is very easy to set up, all you need to do is you must have a Google account on the net. The good news is you can prepare a real blog less than 20 minutes. Other than that, you don't have to log in into blogger.com to write and publish an entry. This job can be done through Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Windows Live Writer, and google docs.  You also can gain money trough by monetizing and ads provide by google. In this case, you need to set up a Google AdSense account. How you can get money? People who are clicking your ads will give the money.




As far as affair and plugin selection, adaptability and abutment goes WordPress trumps all. Not alone does the free, open-source blogging software acquiesce you to blog for chargeless on WordPress.com, but you can as well download an archetype of WordPress (from WordPress.org) and install it on your own website application your own area. WordPress is by far the a lot of accepted blogging belvedere and one of the aboriginal to be absolutely user affable you do not charge any coding acquaintance to accomplish a WordPress blog. From optimizing your blog pages for seek engines (for added traffic) to automatically creating allotment buttons at the basal of anniversary of your posts: WordPress plugins can do it all. Designing your own WordPress affair is simple and simple, and you do not charge to be accomplished with PHP, although it is recommended that you accept a basal compassionate of HTML and CSS if you wish to adapt your templates. Premium capacity (paid for) accomplishes it accessible for you to actualize absolutely custom capacity after an even alive one band of HTML/CSS code. You cannot abode advertisements for your blog on chargeless blogs hosted at WordPress.com, but you can calmly abode advertisements on blogs that are self-hosted. Abutment for WordPress at the forums are aloft par as you will usually get an acknowledgment for a catechism aural minutes. WordPress is acclimated by top bloggers like Perez Hilton, Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan and Michelle Malkin.


image Although Blogger is a simple way to actualize a full-fledged blog, Tumblr is an absorbing admixture of a full-fledged blog and a Twitter feed. Known as simplified or micro-blogging is the appearance of blogging on Tumblr blog with an accent on abbreviate and common posts are about best (or added focused on media such as images or video) that fabricated amend Twitter, but not abundantly complex and make a blog regularly. It's an appearance that appeals to abounding humans and simple accession with the breezy area by Tumblr is an acceptable aggregate for humans that do not wish to appoint in a blog as an activity in catechism and time. If this is the aboriginal time you encountered the abstraction of micro-blogging, so be abiding to analysis Tumblr about us, which gives an absorbing account of the micro-blogging.


image LiveJournal, aforetime endemic by Six Apart, accounting in Perl, differs from added above blogging platforms because of its faculty of association and different appearance for amusing networking. The "list" provides a way for humans that accept accounts on LiveJournal to and from accompany the page displays a bulletin breeze LiveJournal (or "input") fabricated by friends. A bad affair about LiveJournal is that you charge to affectation advertisements (from LiveJournal), even if you about-face to a Plus account. Added users can change the affectation advantage of commercial and abundance and administer files (an advantage not accessible in the chargeless version) and actualize acclamation and survey messages. If you wish to go after advertising, you have to advancement to a paid annual ($ 20/year), giving you abounding added appearance to actualize accounts for syndicating account and actualize a custom architecture annual with avant-garde options.




TypePad a blog website that has acquired an acceptability for its affable user interface and affluence of use. TypePad gives your blog seek engine affable URLs and automatically optimize your website for college baronial on seek engines. You can accredit your own area with your TypePad blog, or you can host your blog with a subdomain TypePad.com. TypePad software is an as well actual acceptable appearance anti-spam comment. Unfortunately, you accept to pay a fee of $ 8.95 per ages to use TypePad, and even at that price, you are accustomed three blogs. You can accept absolute links to the acquirement a chic annual administration or business. TypePad blogs application accepted include: Seth Blog and Wired Science.

I think these five blog platforms may help you to start a career in blogging. You must  not give up when writing a blog. A creative writer always comes out with a nice topic, but when you find the end route, I suggest to you to read books, and successful blog in the net to refresh your mind.

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