What is MOL- paypal?

We would like to share the greatest news that people in Malaysia don’t really care about. First, we think you definitely will know about paypal. Thus, what is MOL? Hardcore online gamers, undoubtedly, MOL is one of their best friends to purchase the online games.


MOL Global is fully owns payment service provider and one of the largest internet companies. For more Information, you can visit this link: MOL Global

For your information MOL has introduced MOL- paypal the digital card in Malaysia which we can use it to make online purchases securely and conveniently both within Malaysia and overseas. All your online purchases for eligible items are protected by PayPal's Buyer Protection.

In our perspective, anyone who is new to this thing will confuse with the MOL- Paypal, To make it clear, you can have this digital card by two ways. The first way is you can grab it at the nearest 7- Eleven branches or by applying it online at paypal-mol.com. I will explain to you, how to obtain it at the 7-Eleven branch:

How to purchase MOL- paypal digital club at 7-Eleven

1) Before you purchase this card (RM 15) at 7-Eleven, you must have paypal and MOL account.
2) Complete the application form
3) Provide a photocopy (front and back) of your NRIC
4) Once your application approved, you can use the digital club, by registering the card to your paypal account.

This MOL- paypal digital card belongs to debit card category, hence we must top up it with MYR in order to use it. The minimum amount we can top up this digital card is RM60. I think it is not too expensive as  we can get many benefits. For example, we can get additional 5% MOL points every time we reload  it. MOL- paypal launched in Malaysia last July 2010. EON Bank Berhad, this is the first co-branded prepaid card for PayPal and MOL in the Asia Pacific region and will be available initially in Malaysia on July 19, 2010. The new card enables Malaysians to fund a PayPal account that can be used to conveniently shop on millions of websites worldwide or to easily reload MOL points to purchase online games, products and services – all without the need of a credit card. For more details visit, molglobal.net.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to shop on ebay, amazon and other services that used paypal at ease? Hence, go visit the nearest 7-Eleven as soon as possible!!!


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