Six Techniques to attract readers

A blog without a reader is not purposeful. In fact, all your effort is not worthy. Just imagine, how long you have spent your time from the first time you set up a blog and writing blog posts.  When you check your blog stats, you just have only 50 readers per week or even worse than that.

How to fix your blog stat?

For serious bloggers, their blog stat and analysis very important. How to analyse a blog? You can register your blog at Google Analytic. More readers are very useful for a blog for marketing purpose. This fact is simple, more readers, more chances their product will be sold. Hence more money they can get.

To fix your blog stats you must attract more readers to visit your blog.  Here I will introduce six techniques how to tackle people to read your blog post.


1) Write a sensational blog post title

Before people reading your writing, they must read your blog post title first. If they find your blog post title suite with their interest, definitely they will read trough your blog post.


2) Produce interesting blog post

Despite  interesting title a successful blog post must go with interesting body.  You must do a little research on what caught people intention today.  For instance, you can check Youtube website to browse through people interest in the most popular category. Then, from that you can have some idea to write a good entry.  


3) Interact with your readers

Actually, you can have one way communication with your readers. How? Throw some questions in your blog post. Make sure that the question is relevant to the topic that your blog about. People can answer your question by dropping their comments. Now it becomes two way communication. Make sure you reply to all the comments. If you are using Blogger platform, I suggest, you should use Intensedebate or Disquss for better performance in commenting.


4) Subscribe to your feed.

This is the very common way to have loyal readers. Whenever you’re publishing new blog post, they will notice it and may read your blog post sooner or later. Hence, at the end of your blog post, you can suggest to your reader to subscribe to your feed in order to receive more updates. This is definitely working, If you want to track your subscriber, register your feed at Google Feedburner.


5) Visit people blogs

If you expect more readers to come to visit to your blog, you must do the same to other people blogs. However, there is hidden technique. Of course you must leave a high quality comment to the blog that you have visited. Avoid to leave a commentnice blog post and I like it”. That’s meaningless, perhaps it’s spams. Make sure you leave a well construct comment to catch people attention.


6) Invite people to join a competition

This technique has been used by bloggers who already generate more money from their blog. You can do it too. First you need to think what is the competition that may catch blogger attention, then you must provide prizes. Lastly, you must announce about the competition that you have organized. The prizes depend on your budget. It could be anything, free domain & hosting,  stuff, and money. Make sure that you can get something from the competition. Don’t give people free things without getting benefits from it.


These are the basic things you can apply if you want more visitors to your blog. Trust me, readers are the inspiration for you to produce a high quality blog post, because you know what readers expect when visit your blog. To receive more blog tips update, subscribe to my feed.

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