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Do you dislike the new Facebook chat? You cannot direct access to your friends or people in your social network. Perhaps, you must search their name in order to see the green dot beside their profile name. This problem makes our life harder. Now you can solve the problem by installing a script in your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. Below are the quick steps to revert to the previous Facebook chat:

How to get the previous Facebook Chat for Google Chrome Users:
1.   First you need to go to  the and click install.


2. Then new window will pop out. After that you approve it by clicking install button.

3.  Refresh Facebook tab on your browser, now your Facebook chat will revert back to original.

How to get the previous Facebook Chat for Mozilla Firefox Users:
1.  You need to install Greasemonkey Add-on before you can install the Facebook chat script. Click here to download it. Then click Add to Firefox.

2.  New popup will come out for confirmation about the Greasemonkey installation. Swiftly, hit the  Install button.


3.  Now, go to the to install the script. (Refer to the first step for Google Chrome users, if you feel uncertain about it.)

4.  To enjoy your previous Facebook chat, refresh you Facebook page.

For your information, the script has been created by Enzyme. Don’t forget to say thanks to him. If you want to receive more updates, don’t forget to subscribe to my feed or my newsletter.

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