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Google+ is a phenomenon on the internet these days since it was launched by Google. But only certain people who get an invite can join and have their own Google+ account since it is in a beta mode. Google+ is an awesome social-networking site. Take a look at the pictures below:

g+ circles

This is what Google+ call circle or to be precise- your friends list. You can follow people and put them in a one circle, or into multiple circles. Other than that, you can rename and add the circle as you wish.

Google+ profile

This is a an example of Google+ profile. You can add photos, videos and using a live webcam with your friends. Moreover, you can share (stream) your status, photos, videos, and links to your friends who have added you in their circle. Apart from that, there is also a news feed from people you’re following. You can participate with their post by leaving a comment, share their stream, or simply click the +1 button.  No wonder Google+ has a potential to challenge, perhaps beat the Facebook. For your information, now Google+ has 10 million users.

I think that’s all I want to spread the news and share my experienced using Google+. I will release more update soon, after I have become a pro Google+ user. Don’t forget to subscribe to my feed or newsletter to receive more info about Google+.

Get Google+ Account invitation…

This is what I want to share. Do you want to try out Google+ account before it will be released to the public? Yes, you can I will send you an invite, but before that:

  1. You must like this post, (Click the Facebook like button below the post)
  2. Click the  Google +1 button
  3. Share this post to your friends (Facebook/Twitter/Digg/Stumbleupon….etc) by using AddThis share button.
  4. Finally leave your Gmail email at the comment box below.

I will send you the invite as soon as possible. But make sure you follow the steps above. Otherwise you don’t get the invite. Thank you.

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