Freeware Screen Capture for Windows 8

Since Microsoft introduced Windows 8, many software developers working hardly to update their software to be compatible with the new version of Windows.

Although Windows 8 has its own screen capture (Windows + PrtSc), but  it is good to have another freeware screen capture program. You can find many commercials screen capture programs in the market, but we would like to recommend a freeware program. Thus, you don’t have to spend any single penny to use it.

When we browse through the internet, we found a Screenshot Captor by The new version of the software has just been released to support Windows 8. It is worthy to give a try. Below is the screenshots of the software.



If you notice, the GUI for the software is quite old school, it uses windows classic’s title bar. However, it does not affect its functionality. In order to capture an image, you must know what type of image and the combination keys such as:

  • Grab entire workspace (alt + PrtSc)
  • Grab current Screen (PrtSc)
  • Grab active window (ctrl + PrtSc)
  • Grab selected region (Shift + PrtSc)

How to get the Software?

First go this link, and download the software. After you finish installing it, you need to request a serial key. You can obtain it for free by registering yourself at the website here or you can choose not to register. But the serial key will last only for six months and then you must visit the website again and request a new key again.

What are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to support freeware software. Why spend your money if you can get it for free?

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