Upgrading Windows 8 32 bit to 64 bit

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Windows 8 is the new phenomena since it was launched by Microsoft few months ago. Many people are looking forward to migrate from previous version of  Windows to Windows 8. The new version of Windows is very elegant with its tiles at the home screen and fast booting and shut down. For those who are familiar with start button, you must be sad, because the feature has been removed from Windows 8 desktop. However, don’t worry, there are many software that you can install in order to bring back the Windows start button. For examples, Classic Shell, Pokki, and Start8.

However, there is some problems when you want to upgrade from your current version of Windows to Windows 8 by using Upgrade Assistant. It will detect your version of Windows, whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit and it will update the Windows 8 according to your existing version. How to upgrade from old Windows 32 bit to Windows 8 64 bit? You must do a fresh installation. This is because Windows 8 Installation DVD cannot be run directly on Windows 32 bit edition.

Windows 8's Desktop

Moreover, before you want to upgrade to windows 8 64 bit, please ensure that your machine is capable to run 64 bit Operating System. You can you use this tool to check the compatibility of your PC. Before you proceed with the fresh installation, you must backup you personal and important files first. This is a precaution step to preserve your significant files and folders.

Finally, you may proceed with the fresh installation of the Windows 8 64 bit without any problems. For your information, there are many advantages of 64 bit operating system. First and foremost, it can support higher capacity of RAM. For example, a Windows 7/8 32 bit capable of utilizing the RAM up to 3 GB only. If you plug in more 8 GB RAM on 32 bit Operating System, what will happen? Of course, another 5 GB will be  wasted. This case is happening to me. That’s why I take a courageous step to upgrade my Windows 8 from 32 bit environment to 64 bit environment. 

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