Download Windows 10 Build 9888

Windows 10 team stated that, another official build of Windows 10 will not be released this year. However, there's new build that you should try.

It’s no official release, therefore you need to get the software yourself (it’s simple), and set it up at your personal risk. If you want an early access to the latest build, you should grab Windows 10 build 9888. What's in the build? In accordance with evaluation by Neowin, “brand new animations, better organized context menus and a fresh default applications for configurations.” So, not absolutely all that very much, but that’s to be likely within an iterative edition.Window 10 build 9888 was initially shown off previous week, but it only became available today.


Moreover, Microsoft plans to carry an event in January where it should introduce the consumer preview of Windows 10. Microsoft has repeatedly pointed out that its enterprise preview - what we now have - is really a sliver of what it has planned for Windows 10. Thus, we should receive a much better version in 2015.

For the present time, Windows 10 build 9888 is all we've.It is now appearing on various unnamed file-sharing sites Here’s an instant video preview, via WinBeta:

Source: Photo by Andrew Mantarro on Unsplash

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