2 Alternatives comment system for a blog

Why you should migrate from the ordinary blogger comment system to these two new comment systems? I mean you cannot install both on your blog, but you must choose either one that you think perfectly match with your blog template  and style.

Have you ever heard about InstenseDebate or Disqus before? Now, this is the right time to take care about it in order to enhance your blog comment interface. For your information, these two comment systems are compatible with other blog platforms too. So, If you are using other than blogger platforms such as tumblr, wordpress and typad, you can consider  my opinion too to overwrite your default comment system.



If you’re intending to install customizable comment system and has many features you should consider to install IntenseDebate. In addition, this comment system offers you:

1. Log in to comment by using:

  • Open ID
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Wordpress
  • IntenseDebate

2. Useful Plugins embedded on comment such as:

  • CommentLuv
  • Facebook Share – Comments
  • AddThis
  • Google Buzz This
  • YouTube Embedded Video

For a Demo, you can view this blog comment as it uses IntenseDebate



Disqus provides all the features as IntenseDebate. For examples, realtime comment system, notification and reply system. Other than that, Disqus supports  Gravatar likes InstenseDebate,  but also incorporates the best for your blog CSS as Disqus try to use the same colours of your blog does. You can also define custom CSS for it.

View Demo – Engadget use it as its user comment system..

Last but not least, IntenseDebate and Disqus provide automated installation for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, MovableType, TypePad. Hence you don’t need any expertise to hack your blog template to install these two comment systems.

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