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Nowadays, broadband users have increased rapidly. Hence, the carrier companies try their best to compete with each other. As a result, people can choose a suitable package  and enjoy decent internet connection speed that have been offered based on their internet usage daily.

Many users don't know about bandwidth. It will affect the data package that you will subscribe later.


Bandwidth means the frequency range of the high frequency signal component to the lowest. The most common context in which the bandwidth term is used today involves computer networks. Internet bandwidth refers specifically to a data transfer rate. The rate of data transfer involves the amount of information can be transmitted from a point A to point B within a specified period. Bandwidth is usually measured in a bits per second, known as bps.

The more bandwidth allocated, the faster your data transfer speed will be and the speed of your broadband connection will be increased. Plus, you need to know that, when a computer is to download and upload a lot of information, it uses a lot of bandwidth. Moreover,  when one computer connected and using bandwidth, the broadband connection and speed fully optimized.

In conclusion, before you want to choose a broadband with certain bandwidth, you must know how often you’re using internet connection in a day, and what for? Are you streaming movies, downloading music, movies and software? If yes, then you must subscribe the bigger bandwidth and faster speed.

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