Making Self-Help Blogs Effective by Embedding Chatwing Chat Box

People are always after developing and creating a better life. Some has finally realized that a better life starts from a better self. Self-help topics and advices are prevalent online and can be found on websites and blogs. Since the changes in my life after I visited several webinars, I’ve decided to put all my realizations and lessons on a blog to assist other people in their journeys.


As an important rule, I always post fresh and new contents in my blog and keep the site simple and clutter free. At first, I didn’t have traffic; I only have my friends who would visit and comment on my articles. That’s not what I wanted. I want to reach out to more people and interact with them, know their feedbacks, know their stories and let them share their views.

A friend of mine suggested that I should install a chat software. This will effectively engage web surfers as I will have an avenue where I can communicate with them directly. Since I am not a techie type, he advised that I use Chatwing chat box because it is easy to install and use. The installation process is simple and only took me less than a minute. The widget modification process ranges from changing the theme color to uploading personalized images as background. Uploading MP3 link is also allowed which help me set up the appropriate mood during discussions.

My web traffic began to increase and improve because friends of friends started visiting my blog repeatedly. According to them, they enjoy exchanging ideas and stories with the rest of the blog visitors who have the same interest as them. The real time communication maintains the momentum of each discussion.

I can interact with a thousand users using the regular chat box form of Chatwing and I can also chat with selected web surfers through vanity URL style. This flexible global connectivity option made me like Chatwing more. Also, it is designed to be accessible to millions of social media users. Web surfers can log in by using their Facebook or Twitter or choose to log in as guest.

Presently, I am truly enjoying sharing and interacting with people. Staying globally connected is easy with Chatwing chat widget. There are still other useful features of Chatwing I was not able to mention, visit their site to discover. This web chat tool is not only helpful to self-help blogs, it can also be used in online businesses, TV streaming and gadget blogs.
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