Swype Beta for Android

Swype is one of the useful functions in Android. You don’t have to type anymore. Basically, in my opinion, swype is more compatible in table since it has a bigger screen than mobile phone. The built in swype for Android’s Jelly Bean is not functional enough since it only detects full word. Who is typing a letter in a text message? I bet no one does.



I have tested this beta built for few weeks. For me, it is the best alternative keyboard  for your android. It has many great features. For examples, themes, dictionary and, etc.

You can get it from beta.swype.com. To download the apk file, make sure you browse through the website by using you Android’s browser. Once you install it, I suggest to you to create an account. This account can be used to sync custom dictionary and setting to other android devices if you have many.

What swype has?

  • Change keyboard themes
  • Languages (Dictionary)
  • Custom Dictionary (store custom words)
  • Swype
  • Dragon Dictation
  • Synchonize
  • Trillion times better than default swype

However, the drawback is, for very first time you use it, you must store a lot of new words in the dictionary. However, it is worthy to do it. Later, you will be satisfied with the swype.

For more details, you can always access the website and explore it by yourself. There are a lot of tips for a new user. Trust me, you will like swype.

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