Mega- the new MegaUpload

Do you really miss Megaupload? No need to worry now, you can experience the exact services like Megaupload. The new cloud storage called “Mega” has been introduced by Kimdotcom the same person who invents Megaupload.  After he has gone through difficult moment of his life, he manages to come out with Mega, which is bigger, better, faster, stronger and safer. You can access it at


The new Mega offers you 50gb cloud storage for free account which is bigger than dropbox and sugarsync. You can get more spaces by getting pro membership. It comes with three packages. 500 GB for USD 9.99, 2 TB for USD 19.99 and 4 TB for USD 29.99.
Mega is still in beta. It doesn’t have its own client for linux/mac/windows/ios/android platforms yet. I hope it will exist soon. Upon accessing the Mega’s website, it prompts you to use Google Chrome (in my case, I access it using Internet Explorer) for better integration and experience..


Once you register, you must approve your account by clicking the link in the mailbox. Finally, you are done. You can store your valuable files in the cloud. However, please upload and share the files that are belonged to you and avoid infringement, which is the main case that shut down the previous gigantic Megaupload. You may read the Term of Service, Privacy Policy, and Copyright on the Mega’s website.


The upload speed is very fast (It depends on your connection. It may be wary). You can upload files or folders. So far, I very satisfy with Mega. Thanks to Kimdotcom and his team. We hope that, we can get more additional features.

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